Curriculum Vitae

Ede Gaál

Address: Budapest 1184, HUNGARY

Telephone: +36-30-957-32-08

Date of birth: Kecskemét, 13th Juny 1976.


1994-2001 Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics major in Electrical Engineering
M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering

1990-1994 Katona József High school, Kecskemét


Since 2001 System Engineer at DNN Professional Graphics Ltd.

Main Tasks:

Support softwares (Wings Platinum, Dexon Systems) and HD satellite receivers in English and Hungarian. Client oriented problem solving.

Desktop support at DNN (MS Windows, MS Office, special softwares)

Planning and directing the infrastructure and documenting of the DNN and the Lightware Ltd.

Leader technician on EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) congress. Plan and managing of building the presentation computer network.

Leader technician on other congress (ECE, IPNA, EAPC).

Plan and control the development of computer system (hardware and software) at “Konstruktív

Plan and realize the presenting system in the Hungarian National Bank (MNB).

Put on and operate Ledger system (Accounting/ERP system for manufacturers) for DNN.

Full check and legalization of software environment at DNN. (Laws, company policy, technology)

1996-2006 Leader technician: Plan and operate the video and audio system

at Budavári Schönherz Studio



English fluent

German basic


I've been married. I'm non-smoker. I have driving license for cars. I like broadcast technologies, geocaching, and reading
science fictions.

Ede Gaál

Budapest, 17th February, 2008.